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Our History

In April, 2003 Tassara-Lacroce’s family decided to acquire a seaside resort named “Bagni Marina C.”. A huge investment to maintain and to keep improving an historical seaside resort on the Borghetto Santo Spirito coast.

The initiative is the result of a passion that has past roots; first Mr. Ino experience as lifeguard as a young man and then the experience gained by both Mr. Ino and Mrs. Cristina as managing partners of a seaside resort located on the Loano coast that went of for 10 years.

Passion and desire to do and to improve every day took them to keep looking for improvements, with significant investments (building a vast play area for children, renewal of beach’s bed, chairs and umbrellas, design of two electric roofs for the dehors), of the customer service having as final target only the clients, seeking the best combination of calm, serenity and safety to make available to their customers with the aim of making them feel at home.

 All of this is also possible thanks to the presence of skilled staff, available and kind to welcome the clients and not only, but trained, with official certificates, year by year on safety matter, first of all first aid and then fire fighting laws, medical and healthcare laws and etc.

Since the 2020 summer, as a response to anti-COVID-19 laws, it has been set up a beach even more spacious than previous years, with stations more spaced between themselves. It has been decided that this layout will be maintained in the following year to offer a better service to the clients. The same countermeasures have been used to the play are for children and teenagers.



V. Tobagi promenade

Borghetto SS (SV) 17052

Phone: 348 9144862

Tel: 0182 971914

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